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We offer you a platform where you can connect with a group of lawyers via phone call, email or visit at our place. NATIONAL LEGAL FORUM team help you to resolve your consumer related problems. After understanding your problem, we create a link between you and your disputed party.

Our executive contact with disputed party and discuss on all legal prospectus. If disputed party wants to resolve the case mutually than it will be happy end, but if disputed party is not ready to attend your case than as per your compliance, we shoulder the responsibility of all paperwork for your complaint and we file your complaint to the court.

We professionally deal it at our end but we don’t take any responsibility of the judgement, as well as judgement period. NATIONAL LEGAL FORUM works with the vision that consumer in India deserve the same right as million other consumers elsewhere.

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Every Lawyer of ours have over 10 years of experience.

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Every case we take, we aim to solve it end to end.

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